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Weight (Per Unit) 470 grams
Release Range 5-12

Diamir Vipec 12 AT Binding



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Light, comfortable and safe from peak to peak. With its defined safety release, the Diamir Vipec 12 has introduced a new era of pin binding systems: innovative technology offering an incredible combination of safety, user comfort and power transmission.

• Toe unit: Similar to modern release systems of alpine bindings, the lateral release in the toe unit occurs in two phases.
• Swivel unit toe pins: In a first phase, the carriage with the toe pin unit slides laterally. In a second phase, the respective toe pin unit swivels out laterally to release the boot. After the release, the toe pin unit can easily be reset by hand to its original position.
• Integrated dynamic range: Similar to the Diamir SAFETY ALUBAR SYSTEM the SAFETY PIN SYSTEM also includes a dynamic range. The boot is not released until the dynamic range of 11 mm and the preset restoring force have been exceeded. As a result, the binding will only release when absolutely necessary.
• Automatic heel release unit: The frontal safety release is triggered by the lateral swiveling of the heel pin units located in the heel housing. After exceeding a dynamic range of 4 mm and the preset restoring force, the heel pin units slide over the restraining wedges of the heel insert in the boot to release it.
• Toe unit: The boot is then tilted forward via the front pins, pushing the Easy Switch Toe downward. This will also open the front of the system and release the boot.
• Active length compensation – the key to defined release: To ensure a defined release by the release mechanisms in any skiing situation, the contact pressure of the boot must remain constant at all times. In the SAFETY PIN SYSTEM, a consistent contact pressure is ensured, even when the ski is significantly bent, by the active length compensation through the sliding back and forth of the heel unit on a guiding plate.

Conventional pin bindings are not provided with length compensation within the binding system. Instead, when the binding is mounted and adjusted to the length of the boot, a small gap is provided between the gripping edge of the boot and the heel part of the binding. This is why the boot is jammed between toe and heel parts when the ski is significantly bent and as a result, a defined release is made impossible.
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