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Metolius Ultralight Power Cam


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The all-around workhorse of the Metolius line, Power Cams are at home on any type of rock, from the big walls of Squamish granite to the desert towers of Utah Sandstone, from mountainous Rockies limestone to super-hard Gunks quartzite. They're also perfect whether you're free or aid climbing, high in the mountains or at a roadside crag. With our new Range Finder feature giving you instant placement feedback, they are easier and safer to place than ever! Extensive testing in real rock has convinced us to design Power Cams to maximize holding power. We achieve greater holding power by reducing the cam angle slightly so the cam lobes push out harder against the walls of the placement. We've also widened the faces of the cam lobes to get more grip and to spread the force of a fall over a larger area.
The best all-around climbing cam is now significantly lighter and more versatile due to our new Direct Axle Technology (DAT). DAT reduces head-width thereby increasing placement options and user visibility. Our optimized cam angle focuses on holding power and the wide beefy cam lobes are designed for extra grip. Our Range Finder system tells you at a glance whether you have chosen the optimum sized unit. Super lightweight, strong and stable, Ultralight Power Cams make the ultimate foundation for any climbers rack!
• Dircet Axle Technology makes Ultralight Power Cams the lightest 4-cam units in the world.
• DAT allows for more placement options in shallow, narrow, or bottoming placements.
• DAT makes tricky placements easier due to better cam lobe visibility, especially in the small sizes.
• 13 mm Dyneema slings are lighter and less bulky.
• Ranger Finder tells you at a glance if you've chosen the right size cam for the placement.
• Optimized cam angle for more outward force
• Greater Holding Power! read more>>
• Wider cam faces for more grip
• U-shaped body for greater durability & unparalleled control during placement and retraction
• Machined cam stops
• Color-coded sewn slings and tubing
• CNC machined for much greater precision than stamped or extruded cams
• 7075 T-6 aluminum (sizes 00-6) 6061 T-6 aluminum (sizes 7-8)
• CE certified

Note that this item of climbing safety equipment is non-returnable. Please call us toll free at 877-236-8428 or e-mail bentgate@bentgate.com with any questions.

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