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Avalanche Airbag Pack Review Series


 Overview | 4:26

Check out our airbag review videos and see what pack will work best for your POW filled adventures this winter. Know your gear, know your route, know your snow and stay safe. 

Mammut P.A.S. (Protection Airbag System) | 3:03

• Compressed air System
• Unique airbag shape provides extra trauma protection
• Designed to carry skis AND snowboards


Scott Alpride | 3:29

• Argon and CO2 system
• Canisters Included
• Simple mechanical trigger


Black Diamond Jetforce | 6:16 

• Fan driven, battery powered, Computer controlled system
• The only airbag system on the market that’s cheap and easy to practice with
• Airbag continues to reinflate for 3 minutes


ABS Vario | 7:41

• Compressed nitrogen system
• Uses explosive primer trigger to inflate bag in under  3 seconds
• Interchangeable pack bodies


Mammut R.A.S. (Removeable Airbag System) | 3:51

• Compressed air system
• Removeable Air bag
• Carries skis and snowboards


BCA Float | 6:39

• Compressed air system
• Simple mechanical trigger
• Exchangeable left or right side trigger