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Black Diamond Express Ice Screws

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Without question, these are the easiest and fastest placing ice screws to ever sink their way into ice. This year Black Diamond improved their renowned Express by redesigning the tooth geometry for easier starts, adding larger crank knobs that are easier to grab and augmenting the hanger with a second clip-in point for belay organization. Quick to bite and easy to crank in, the Express screw features a tapered tube where the teeth cut a hole just larger than the tube itself, for less friction and faster placements. The foldable, flip-down, speed-drive knob is color-coded for quick length identification and offers uninterrupted 360-degree motion. New stainless steel hangers are lighter than previous models, won’t rust and reduce melt-out on sunny routes. The Express is built in five lengths to accommodate a variety of ice conditions. All sizes of screws are now CE-certified,  

10cm - 118g (4.16oz)

13cm - 134g (4.7oz)

16cm - 145g (5.1oz)

19cm - 159g (5.6oz)

22cm - 168g (5.9oz)


Note that this item of climbing safety equipment is non-returnable. Please call us toll free at 877-236-8428 or e-mail with any questions.