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Venture Snowboards Back in Action

Following a year-long hiatus, Venture Snowboards has finally returned to the production scene. Venture, a local snowboard and splitboard company based out of Silverton, Colorado, unfortunately shut its doors at the beginning of the 2014-2015 snow season due to financial concerns. At the time, the company hadn’t yet specified whether the closure would be permanent or merely a temporary break.

Venture represents a niche portion of the snowboarding industry, and has always sought out experienced riders in search of backcountry options and top of the line designs for hardcore, aggressive, tough riding. When a couple of mild winters aligned with a simultaneous decline in snowboarding, especially in comparison to other snow sports, Venture took the loss especially hard due to their specialty focus on splitboards and mountain-tough designs. Despite setbacks, Venture’s founders - Klem and Lisa Branner - refused to quit.

According to an interview with the Denver Post, the Branners now prefer to focus on the future rather than Venture’s rocky past. “We are taking [the break] as an opportunity to reevaluate everything and establish new ideas and get all the right pieces in place,” Klem explained. The Branners and their team have worked to produce the sturdiest boards and splitboards, built for intense powder and rigorous conditions, and construct their entire line in-house. Many of the best boarders in the business have relied on Venture Snowboards products to stay sharp on the snow since the company emerged in 1999 in the midst of a nationwide snowboarding surge, and welcome them back with a sigh of relief.

These dedicated buyers, including an array of Bentgate staff and customers, are thrilled to witness Venture’s victorious return to the stage. Venture and the Branners hope to spend more time on research and development this time around, both on and off the slopes, to keep up with the latest innovations that will restore the company to its rightful place among the industry’s elite designers.

Venture began designing and producing new boards toward the end of this past spring, and are prepared to start out the winter season on a strong new foot. Currently in stock at Bentgate are the Storm and Zelix splitboards.

The Storm - a Freeride board named after Storm Peak in the San Juans - combines sturdiness and flexibility made for speed and exhilaration, while the Zelix - Venture’s most popular and award-winning All Mountain Freestyle board - has been updated for 2017 to feature increased length, softer flex, and greater sidecut to carry you through varied and unpredictable terrain.

Join us in showing support for Venture’s glorious comeback and check out these fresh models on the floor at Bentgate Mountaineering. We’re eager to play a part in such an important development within the snowsports world and proudly stand behind our Front Range neighbors as they step boldly back into the game.

Nov 16th 2016 Lucie Hanes

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