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DPS Wailer 106 Tour 1 Ski

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The “Sweet Spot” touring ski. DPS has created a very versatile addition to the wailer lineup in the Wailer 106 Tour 1. With the Tour 1 construction you can tour all day and save your energy for the down hill

The Wailer 106 Tour 1 is an exemplary combination of carving ability, soft snow float and mixed condition performance. A hybrid Wailer design introduces DPS’s Chassis side cut approach and narrower vertical profile. The brand new Chassis design comes from strenuous R&D efforts; it allows the ski to bend around your boot which lets the skier modulate the turn radius as the ski is flexed through a turn. This feature allows the Wailer 106 Tour 1 to be extremely adaptive to changes in terrain and snow conditions. The overall profile is similar to the 112; a Rockered tip, traditional camber underfoot and an early rise tail. Overall, the work that DPS has put into engineering this ski will leave you delightfully satisfied with it performance in numerous conditions.

The Wailer 106 Tour 1 is constructed around a balsa wood core which allows for maximized weight reduction; the balsa core is given strength by adding “prepreg” carbon fiber laminate which adds stiffness and torsional rigidity. DPS then adds a cap construction which decreases weight even further by eliminating the traditional side wall. Finally, narrow profile edges are added to shave off even more weight - rounding out the blueprint for a serious backcountry ski.

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