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DPS Wailer 112 RP2 Tour 1 Ski

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For the dawn patroller; for those who still ski powder long after the resorts are tracked out; for those who earn their turns.

Light, surfy and agile is the goal DPS had in mind with this ski. Like the others in the wailer fleet, the Tour1 holds the same shape and measurements, but what sets this ski apart is its weight. The Tour 1 is DPS’ answer to the light weight vs performance debate amongst the backcountry community. Keeping the signature shape and dimensions of the Wailer line with an entirely backcountry engineered material matrix lets this ski gain endless elevation while still commanding the decent.

While the shape and dimensions remain constant, the Tour 1’s overall construction is much different than that of its siblings. The core is balsa which allows for maximized weight reduction and damping. The balsa core is given strength by adding “prepreg” carbon fiber laminate which adds stiffness and durability. DPS then adds a cap construction which decreases weight even further by eliminating the traditional side wall. Finally, narrow profile edges are added to shave off even more weight ‐ rounding out the blueprint for a serious backcountry ski.

What we like

● Surfy and light

● More pop and playfulness

● Can tour all day


Additional Information

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