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DPS Women's Nina 99 Foundation Ski

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The Foundation series is a completely redesigned and re-imagined ski from the mad scientists at DPS.  The Nina 99 Foundation is an exemplary combination of carving ability, soft snow float and mixed condition performance, it incorporates the DPS Chassis design and a completely re-engineered construction that make it super versatile and snappy ski. the Nina 99 Foundation is the closest thing that you will get to a one quiver ski.

Utilizing the Yvette five point shape concept as a starting point DPS added their “Chassis” side cut design (which is also found in the Zelda 106 Pure and 106 Tour1). The brand new Chassis design comes from strenuous R&D efforts; it allows the ski to bend around your boot which lets the skier modulate the turn radius as the ski is flexed through a turn. This feature allows the Nina 99 Foundation to be extremely adaptive to changes in terrain and snow conditions. A longer forebody than the original Wailer, in other words, it has a less aggressive tip rocker which leads to more forward edge contact with the snow.

The Nina 99 Foundation has what DPS calls a “bi-phase” core where bamboo is utilized underfoot providing increased damping and torsional stiffness while the tip and tail contain snappy and playful poplar. Unidirectional carbon fiber stringers are used for additional support to back up the tri-axle fiberglass laminate. UHMW polyethylene side walls (Ultra High Molecular Weight = Science for light and strong space plastic) add durability and torsional rigidity.

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