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DPS Women's Yvette 112 SE Alchemist Ski

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$19.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
  • Iris Purple
  • Profile
  • Bases


A precision powder tool dialed specifically for women could only come from DPS.

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  • A powder ski that can chew up crud and still rips down hardpack
  • The ideal shape for a Colorado Quiver of One
  • Pre-Preg carbon keeps the core from breaking down over time
  • World Cup Base material


Specs by ski length
Length (cm) 158 168 178
Tip (mm)     141
Waist (mm)     112
Tail (mm)     128
Radius (m) 15 15 15
Weight (g) 1505 1670 1825






 based on manufacturer's weights




Photo: Oskar Enander | Skier: Olof Larsson

DPS knows that powder days are quickly becoming powder mornings with chop and crud in the afternoon. So, DPS built the Yvette 112 to float and slash through the fluffy stuff and then blast through the leftovers at the end of the day. They achieve this by using some of the most advanced ski shaping on the market. The tapered tip and tail move the widest points of the ski in towards the center to prevent hooking or snagging in variable snow. The RP2 rocker profile has enough tip rocker to float the Yvette 112 fast, even at low speeds, and maintains enough camber to ski hardpack with confidence.

A versatile ski shape is useless without versatile construction. DPS has been learning from and refining their carbon constructions over the years, Alchemist construction is the culmination of that knowledge. Dampening materials placed at key points in the construction reduce chatter and feedback without adding unnecessary weight to the ski. The pre-preg carbon used in the alchemist line also reduces weight by using less resin, but more importantly, it is nearly immune to fatigue, so the Yvette 112 is a ski that can last a lifetime.


Find Your Size
150-155 4'11"-5'1"   158
155-160 5'1"-5'3" 158 158 or 168
160-165 5'3"-5'5" 158 168
165-170 5'5"-5'7" 168 168 or wailer 112