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Edelweiss Discover 8mm

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The Discover 8mm is the perfect option for those times when you need extra confidence on tricky terrain.  At 30 meters the rope is not so heavy that it'll weigh you down and therefore you won't be tempted to leave it behind.


EDELWEISS was the first climbing rope maker to apply a Supereverdry treatment to its fibres.  The benefits of a Supereverdry treatment are self-evident: the ropes are lighter in case of humidity, dry quicker and don´t tend to stiffen due to freezing. The Supereverdry treatment is applied to all fibres in the core and the sheath. Comparative tests demonstrate the superiority of this treatment over competing methods of other manufacterers with repect to durability as well as efficiency.

  • Weight : 42 g/m
  • Standard : UIAA CE EN892
  • Number of falls factor 1,77 : 14
  • Material : Polyamide
  • Sheath slippage : 0 mm
  • Impact force factor 1,77 : 9 kN
  • Diameter : 8 mm
  • Static elongation : 7 %
  • First fall elongation : 32 %
  • Glacier walking : Ok