Nemo Escape Pod 1P Bivy

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  • Nemo Escape Pod 1P Bivy
  • Nemo Escape Pod 1P Bivy
  • Nemo Escape Pod 1P Bivy


NEMO’s Unique AirSupported Technology (AST®) airbeams, or inflatable ribs, weigh hardly anything and pack smaller than traditional poles for the perfect bikepacking solution. The Escape Pod is a favorite of minimalists, including kayakers and ultralight thru-hikers, for its ethereal weight and incredibly small pack size — it packs down as small as a grapefruit and can squeeze into crevices that shelters with poles can’t.

This two-thirds length bivy with a drawstring closure provides bug protection where you need it, without wasting an ounce of weight.

  • Inflatable airbeam is remarkably compressible and yet stronger than tent poles.
  • Two-thirds length provides bug protection for head and shoulders.
  • Drawstring closure pulls tight around sleeping bag to keep bugs outside.
  • Packs incredibly small to roughly the size of a Florida grapefruit.
  • Ideal for adventures where packed size really matters, including bikepacking, sea kayaking, motorcyle touring, and thru-hiking.
  • Integrated pump inflates bivy quickly and easily.
  • Winner of OutDoor Industry Award in 2016.
  • Stakes
  • Guy-out cord
  • Repair kit
  • Integrated pump
  • Drawstring stuff sack

& sizing

Capacity 1
Seasons 3
Minimum Weight 0 lb , 7 oz / 210 g
Packed Weight 0 lb , 11 oz / 312 g
Packed Size 7.9 x 3.9 in dia / 20 x 10 cm dia
Peak Height 24.0 in / 61 cm
Floor Area 8.6 sq ft / 0.8 sq m
Floor Dimensions 47.7 x 35.9 in / 121 x 91 cm