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Powder Factory Dream Carbon Tour

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The Dream AT exists to chase powder, but was constructed in such a way that you can still ski fast when the snow is not as deep as you’d like. The unique construction keeps it stiff enough to ski when the snow is hard.

  • Ash and Aspen wood core
  •  Full sidewall
  • Directional rocker
  • Wide Weave Carbon Fiber
  • Hand made in Colorado


Specs by ski length
Length (cm) 179 186 193
Tip (mm) 146 146 146
Waist (mm) 116 116 116
Tail (mm) 132 132 132
Radius (m) 24 24 24
Weight (g) 1830 1990 2095




based on manufacturer's weightsblizzard rustler 10 ski weight gradient key



The Dream has a progressive tip rocker to help you keep the skis on top of the powder. When you encounter less than ideal conditions the carbon fiber ensures that the ski is torsionally rigid enough to drive an edge and the kevlar adds dampness to the ski and protects the core from rock impacts.  Another cool material used in the Dream AT is the basalt stringers that serve to dampen and stiffen. All of these material work in conjunction with the triaxial fiberglass to make a ski that rips the pow. The Dream AT is constructed with a white ash and rocky mountain aspen core. The ash is the lighter and poppier of the two woods and gives the ski its playful feel while keeping it at 1760 grams per ski. The rocky mountain aspen is locally sourced and provides a stiffer, damper ski.

Skis tend to loose their shape over time because they are not allowed to rest for long enough after they are pulled out of the press. Powder factory lets all of their skis rest for at least 8 hours so that the ski has time to lose any residual stresses that were imparted during the pressing process.This means that they will be just as fun and lively years down the road as when you first skied them. The Dream AT is just as hungry for powder as you are and performs like a dream as soon as it gets deep. On the days between the storms it will still have you smiling because you will feel in control as you fly down the mountain on these powderboards.


Find Your Size
165-170 5'4"-5'6"   179
170-175 5'6"-5'7"   179
175-180 5'7"-5'9" 179 179 or 186
180-185 5'9"-6'0" 179 186
185-190 6'0"-6'2" 179 or 186 186 or 193
190-195 6'2"-6'4" 186 193




Additional Information

Waist Width (mm):
Tip (mm):
Tail (mm):
Turn Radius (m):
Weight (g):