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Salomon MTN + Brake

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The earliest tech bindings featured a swappable "U" spring and a stripped-down design with very few moving parts. It was a pretty good idea; some of those bindings are still in use today. Salomon brings back the best of the old-school and adds a few modern touches with the Salomon MTN + Brake Alpine Touring Bindings, and we're glad they did. Unlike early "U" spring heels and most current race bindings, the MTN heel body pivots underneath the binding top plate so the flippable lifters are always pointing forward. Some other welcome changes are the wider 40 mm footprint, a full 30 mm of fore/aft heel adjustment (handy for those with more than one pair of tech boots in the quiver), and three release value options (you need to swap the spring to change release value). At just under 400 grams for the version with brakes, the MTN is a minimalist touring binding with the guts to survive some seriously rigorous use.



Alloy Base Plate and Toe Arms

Boot Alignment Guide

40 mm Mounting Pattern

Crampon Slots


U Spring Design – 3 release value options - "Women," "Men," and "Expert" are available by swapping the included springs.

Independent Brake Locking – Brakes lock with a latch and are not dependent on twisting the heel.


Three Climbing Levels – Flat, medium and high climbing levels are realized by flipping the approprate pole-accessible lifter(s).

Lifters Always Face Forward – Heelpiece body rotates underneath binding top plate.

Locking Toe Lever – Lock in the "up" position for skinning.


Requires a Boot with Tech Fittings

30 mm Adjustment – Accommodates a wide range of boot sole lengths; handy for those with more than one pair of touring boots.


Brakeless Compatible – Convert to brakeless operation by removing the heel and substituting a different baseplate (included).

Lateral Release Value Fixed According to Installed U Spring