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  Mounts Rate
  Binding Mount   $50
  Mount with Purchase (Binding or Ski)   $25
  Mount with Purchase (Binding & Ski)   Free
  Binding Adjustment   $25
  Remove Binding / Plug Hole   $15
  Hand Mount   +$20
  Splitboard Mount   $30
  Splitboard Mount with Purchase (Board or Binding)   $15
  Splitboard Mount with Purchase (Board & Binding)   Free


  Tuning Rate
  Premium Full Tune
  Full Tune + Hand Wax (Swix) & Brush

  Full Tune
  Base Resurface; Base Grind Flat; Base/Edge Bevel & Polish;
  Stone Polish & Structure; Machine Wax (Purl)


  Premium Tune Up (Swix)
  Base/Edge Bevel, Polish & Hand Wax w/ Premium Wax

  Tune Up (Purl)
  Base/Edge Bevel, Polish & Machine Wax
  Premium Hand Wax (Swix)   $30
  Machine Wax (Purl)   $15
  Premium New Ski Prep
  Steel Brush, 2 Coats Hand Wax with Premium Wax
  Tip/Tail Detune - Optional
  New Ski Prep
  Steel Brush, Hand Wax All Temp, Purl
  Tip/Tail Detune - Optional
  Summer / Storage Ski Tune   $30
  Edge Only    $15
  Base Repair   Quote*


  Phantom Waxless Glide Treatment Rate
  Product Only   $99
  Phantom Application - New Ski   $50

  Phantom Application - Used Ski (includes base grind)



  Extras Rate
  Shop Work   Quote*
  Helicoil   $5 per hole
  Skin Trim   $20
  Boot Mold   $40
  Boot Repair   Quote*
  Quick Print with purchase   $130
  Quick Print without purchase   $180
  Instaprint with purchase   $150
  Instaprint without purchase   $200
  Mammut Cylinder Refill    $15
  BCA Cylinder Refill    $15
  Crampon / Axe Sharpening
  Front Points Only
  $10 Per Point 

  Quiver Killer
  Includes Hardware

  $120 Per Set

   * All quotes based on $60/hr rate, Boots required for all mounts