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Suunto M-3DL Leader Compass

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The Suunto Leader M-3DL is a premium quality ergonomically designed precision compass for accurate and convenient direction taking. The Suunto Leader M-3DL Compass is durable, reliable and performs flawlessly in even the most demanding conditions.

The M3 Compass features a large liquid filled capsule and adjustable declination correction scale. The serrated bezel ring is easy to turn even in cold conditions while wearing gloves. Due to its easy-to-read luminous markings and magnifying lenses, it is also ideal for navigating in poor visibility. • Serrated bezel ring
• Jewel bearing
• Adjustable declination correction scale
• Base plate with anti-slip rubber pads and rounded edges
• Magnifying lens
• Luminous markings
• Marking holes for drawing control points
• Size: 60 x 125 mm (2.4" x 4.9")
• Weight: 44 g (1.6 oz)

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1.6 oz (44g)